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This website provides information about how an occupational licence or registration obtained in one state or territory can be recognised in another. This is called mutual recognition.

For the purpose of this website, a licence includes a registration, certificate, or other form of authorisation required under law to perform your work.

States and territories worked together to agree on equivalent occupational licences and registrations across the country, so that joint ministerial declarations by ministers could be made. Not all licensed occupations have been subject to a ministerial declaration.

More information about mutual recognition of licensed occupations and ministerial declarations can be found on the Mutual Recognition page. 

How to find the equivalent licence in another state or territory

If you believe you are eligible for an equivalent licence in another state, you must lodge an application with the new jurisdiction to confirm your licence outcome. The relevant licensing authority will determine your licence outcome, which may include additional conditions. You will also be required to to pay any relevant fees.

If you hold a New Zealand licence

Under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Arrangement, a New Zealand licence holder can apply for recognition of their existing licence in Australia. Please contact the licensing authority in the state and territory where you are planning to work for advice on how to proceed with a mutual recognition application.

Licensing Authorities

Contact information for licensing authorities in each state and territory is available on the Licensing Contacts page.


Answers to frequently asked questions about mutual recognition and licensing requirements can be found on the FAQs page.